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Studio B "evolved" into existence around 1971 as Marv Allen, a young local DJ, saw a need and decided to try to fill it.  At that time all local radio commercials were done by radio stations.  There was no time for creativity, as we now think of it.  For that matter, there was no desire for it.  Advertising agencies would consider their work done if they wrote some straight voice-over copy and sent it over to the radio station to be read.  On occasion, a radio station would have a DJ with some creative ability who loved to spend every off moment in the production studio playing with the equipment.  This guy was often made the "production director", and his efforts usually consisted of putting in long hours in the middle of the night making dynamite station promos.  Marv was one of those guys. 

Studio B was conceived of as a place where there would be time to spend on making commercials that would be as good as the radio station promos.  Marv optimistically dreamed that advertisers would even be willing to pay a little extra for this.  That part, of course, was somewhat iffy for a long time.  Now, however, the vast majority of commercial production that requires any significant degree of thought, time and effort, is done at an outside commercial production facility.   A facility that has the time, talent and resources to allow creativity to happen. We are one of those.  One of the best.

Today, while radio creativity remains a big piece of the action, our focus has expanded to include audio for all conceivable marketing applications.  Our totally digital studio continues to evolve with the state-of-the-art.  Complex audio builds for video presentations, multi-image, interactive CD-ROM, and the like, are accomplished with ease.  Well, o.k., sometimes with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  But they ARE accomplished!