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Radio Advertising


Studio B Productions can do everything involved in the production of a radio commercial or campaign.  From concept and copy, to actual production, to distribution.  Or any part thereof. 

For small to medium  advertising agencies, the ability to have all the elements available from which to choose, as required, is certainly a plus, if not unique.  What is unique is that we are staffed by marketing professionals.  This gives some added insight that isn't available from just any good audio engineering facility.  The questions of whether a concept is not only well-produced, but is effective, can be difficult to answer.  Some additional unbiased input can be invaluable.  At Studio B you can have what amounts to a bonus, seasoned, agency creative director at no extra seasoned-creative-director expense.  

Medium market agencies rarely have the budgets to get involved with comprehensive research, focus groups and the like.  The primary guiding force toward advertising "effectiveness" is intuition.  Intuition is, of course, totally subjective.  Sometimes it's right on the mark, sometimes it is not even close.  The big plus, at Studio B, is the addition of the eyes, ears--and professional intuition--of another marketing pro, to contribute to whatever extent you wish.  Mind you, we don't tell you how you have to do things.  You are the one ultimately responsible to the client.  And you always call the shots.  But those additional eyes and ears can be ever so helpful in providing added professional insight, observation and detached objectivity.

For the individual advertiser, without the help of an agency, who walks this tightrope without a net, so to speak, our assistance can be crucial to effective radio communication.  While we are not an advertising agency, and do not compete as such, we can offer assistance and advice on many of the hurdles that must be cleared for radio to be an effective marketing tool.  Creativity and copy, of course.  But also common advice on the elements of strategy, buying,  monitoring, distribution and such.