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Studio B Productions


A Picture is Worthy of a Thousand Sounds


Video production is an interesting beast.  Pictures and Sound.  They stimulate entirely disparate senses, yet must complement each other completely.  We have pictures, which tend to get the priority (each one being worth "a thousand words" as we've all been told), with the sound coming up somewhere way behind.  In many cases, video producers concentrate on the pictures and let the sound fall where it may. 

In truth, all video efforts can benefit tremendously from exceptional audio.  This includes adding well-constructed dialogue, music and effects, of course, but sometimes much more.  Often location-recorded sound suffers from problems of noise and poor recording techniques and needs to be removed from the audio track, fixed, and restored.  Dialog often needs to be "looped" and re-mixed.  Sound effects must be painstakingly created to complement complex DVE moves.  Attention to all these things requires that many top-notch video producers reach outside the video editing suite to include professionals for which audio is the primary focus.  Enter Studio B.  

Bringing the audio production people in for consultation early in a project can go a long way toward smoothing the road.  And, there's never any charge for an initial consultation.

Young, energetic, creative video producers:  bring your projects to us.  With a reasonable additional expense, this can go a long way toward raising your work to an extremely professional level.  Initial consultation costs nary a dime.  And by becoming more aware of the costs of adding the very best audio efforts to your projects, you are in a much more enlightened position when it comes to bidding for the work.